10 FACT ABOUT NAIL ACADEMY Everything was started in fall 2018 when I have been asked can you please teach me how to do manicure, at that time I was so scared to speak in front of peoples, you can't even imagine I am the most prominent introvert person, But I did it one time and a hundred times after.

I have realized I love to share my knowledge with others, and if what they learn from me makes others happy, I receive double happiness. From love also was born my school Egoista Nail Academy - the place where the focus is a student to succeed and to leave our school with confidence.

10 FACT you probably don't know but you should :

1. ALL INCLUDED- No hidden fees, products, and tools are included. Focus on the study, we'll take care of the rest. A coffee and sweet snack we also taking care.
2. HANDS-ON - Daily demo and practice on live models. We provide live models for you.
3. NEWEST TRENDS- Modern technologies and latest trends only.
4. GUARANTEED LEARNING SKILLS - Result oriented approach for every Student. Focus on 70% practice.
5. FINANCIAL HELP - Interest-free payment plans options. Invest in your future, we'll help you.
6. SMALL GROUP - Max group of four, one-on-one training for every Student.
7. ONLINE & ONSITE education - choose what feet better your needs.
8. CERTIFICATION - Egoista nail Academy certificates are Highly recognized by professional nail technicians.
9. DISCOUNTS 10% - for all students at our school nail store.
10. BUSINESS TRAINING - I share my secrets of success and help others to succeed.

If you cant to know depth details about Egoista Nail Academy, visit Academy page.
What fact from the list above surprised you the most? Did any resonate with you? Jump into the comments and let me know.