Every time you open your planner, you see the record of this client "for tomorrow" you are shocked by the mere thought that again you will be nicely silent, and she will talk about her "hard" life, teach you the correct cut, cover and check you're every step.

Only the client then thinks that he is the king of the situation because he has the money.

What if she tells everyone about my bad light? Suddenly everyone will leave at once because many are familiar with each other?

1. Informing
Inform the client about the impossibility of accepting him for the next fill. Without any "because." Have a nice day and breathe out

2. In advance
It is advisable to report this immediately before the client's appointment
Write a message or warn in person.

3. Excuses
Remember that all interrogations are manipulations. No need to make excuses. If this happened, you could safely answer that you have defined a client base for yourself and will now work only with them.

Let us remind you once again about the delights of your profession - you yourself choose clients, set a price list and define your comfort zone.

No one will appreciate your victims and will not restore the nervous system.

And so that it is not scary that others will leave behind or what they think.
Ask yourself the question: What are you worthy of? That your own peace of mind or worries about others are dearer to you?

Enjoy your work and communication with your clients.