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Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision. Choosing the right school to start is paramount. There are many factors to consider when making the decision of what school to attend. You must think about how your school’s schedule will fit into your life, as well as the school’s location, tuition costs, and benefits. 

Egoista Nail Academy has everything you need to make your journey successful. 

Egoista Nail Academy was founded in 2018 by Mariana Sandy in Calgary, AB. In 2 years Egoista has become recognized for high-quality educational standards, where students learn the very best of European techniques with the latest equipment. It is all here in one place – to help you get started doing what you love: 

- Programs with extensive theory base and hands-on experience.
- Plenty of care and attention for each student, not limited by declared course hours. 
Material and equipment needs are covered. 
Flexible study options: online, in-class groups and one-on-one personal courses. 
Financing options for qualified Students. 


For those with a creative flair who want to help others, a career as a nail technician can be rewarding – both financially and emotionally. With over 2000 graduates, Egoista Nail Academy will provide you the experience you need to become successful in the Nail Industry field.


We are happy to be a part of your growth
We can teach you all the necessary skills and how to gain the confidence you need to start your journey in the career you've always dreamed of having.
Simply because:
Our school has absolutely all the programs, starting from the basic to advanced level and we constantly upgrade them.
We work with every Student until the perfect skill is achieved, even if it beyond declared course hours.
Our students have incredible success and increase their income by 30-40% after completing our courses. We teach them how to be the best at what they do and inspire them to grow their business.